Assisted Listening Systems Available

We now have Assisted Listening Devices.
We have 6 units at this point and can order as many as we would like to. This will transmit the voices being spoken into the microphones at this point. Please feel free to take one and try out during the Sunday services. You will also have your own volume on this unit to turn up and down as you wish. We have several types of headphones to try as well; feel free to find what works for you. You may also feel free to bring your own set of headphones from home as these just use a regular headphone jack. If you would like to use one each week, we can label a bag with your name and you can use that same unit each week. The batteries should last approx. 6 weeks, so we are going to try that out for now and see how that goes. If you feel your batteries are going bad or getting low please notify Tammy or look at the back table with the devices for extra batteries. Please feel free to let Tammy know how you like or dislike them or which type of earpiece is your favorite. We are trying to be accommodating and receptive to everyone and find something that works well for each person individually. Lysol wipes will be used to disinfect the units each week between uses.

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