Altar Flowers 2021

The Flower Chart is on the board at the back of the sanctuary for those who wish to sign up for altar flowers. Simply write your name next to the date you want flowers and fill out the form below. Please keep in mind that two can sign up for the same day as we have altar flowers as well as piano arrangements available. Circle one. The cost is still $25. Fill out and return to the church with your check for $25. Thank you!

Angel Tree

In celebration of the Greatest Gift (Jesus), we will have an Angel Tree in the back of the church. We will be helping two local families experience the love of God through our acts of kindness. There will be ornaments with each person’s gender, age, size and favorite color along with gift suggestions. All gifts must be returned to the church wrapped by December 13th so they can be distributed to the families by Christmas. Please tape the ornament to the gift so we will know who it belongs to. Let’s show these families that God loves them and so do we. If you have any questions, please contact the office at 432-8161.

Community Support

In light of the new surge of COVID-19 cases both locally and nationally, many of the area ministers have been looking for a way to show support for both those who serve our community at UPMC Northwest in Seneca, and healthcare workers throughout our county. These brave men and women care for us when we need them, they need our support in return. Our first step? We will be selling 18×24 yard signs (with stand) printed locally in Franklin by PMP Printing. The sign was created by Nicole Powell.

First Baptist ordered 200 signs on 11/9 and they should be available for pick up on 11/18 between the hours of 8am-3pm, Monday through Friday (or call to arrange pick up times outside that window). We hope to have them placed in front of every church in the county, and many homes as well.

The signs will cost us approximately $7 per, and we will sell them for $10 each, with the $3 profit becoming a donation to our local food pantries to coincide with the offering we will take at our countywide Thanksgiving service on the 22nd.

The easiest method would be to convince your church to buy a batch and then distribute them, but we will also sell them directly at First Baptist to individuals (the building has a mask wearing policy, thank you for your cooperation).

If interested, please contact First Baptist at 814-432-8061 or send an email to

Rev. Randy Powell
First Baptist Church

Assisted Listening Systems Available

We now have Assisted Listening Devices.
We have 6 units at this point and can order as many as we would like to. This will transmit the voices being spoken into the microphones at this point. Please feel free to take one and try out during the Sunday services. You will also have your own volume on this unit to turn up and down as you wish. We have several types of headphones to try as well; feel free to find what works for you. You may also feel free to bring your own set of headphones from home as these just use a regular headphone jack. If you would like to use one each week, we can label a bag with your name and you can use that same unit each week. The batteries should last approx. 6 weeks, so we are going to try that out for now and see how that goes. If you feel your batteries are going bad or getting low please notify Tammy or look at the back table with the devices for extra batteries. Please feel free to let Tammy know how you like or dislike them or which type of earpiece is your favorite. We are trying to be accommodating and receptive to everyone and find something that works well for each person individually. Lysol wipes will be used to disinfect the units each week between uses.

Flying Needles/Quilters

The Flying Needles/Quilters have many items for sale. If you are thinking of Christmas gifts, please stop into Room 105 and see what we have.
It would be helpful if you put the money with a short message of what you bought in our “metal box” register.

Annual Charge Conference

Our Annual Charge Conference is scheduled for November 22 at 11AM. 
The business that we need to conduct will be done as a part of our regular worship on that day. Our District Superintendent will bring the message that day as well as lead us through our business. All are invited!

United Methodist Women Bakeless Bake Sale

As you all know, COVID-19 has caused a lot of changes in our world and our church. The norm for all the United Methodist Women is to hold bake sales throughout the year. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do that this summer and our money for mission is lower than normal, also. Therefore, we are holding a Bakeless Bake Sale until November 15th.

Many is the time I heard you say
“I would rather give a dollar than bake today”.
And so, we are asking you to help more or less
To make our Bakeless Bake Sale a big success.

Just send in money that it would take
To bake a loaf of bread or a beautiful cake.
Or send in the amount of money it takes to buy
A dozen rolls or maybe a pie.
We know you can helps us if you will try.

So we’ve thought of a plan that’s really grand,
And feel quite sure you’ll understand.
In an envelope, if you like, please include the price…
Of a pie or cake or anything nice.

Without fuss or bother, you’ve done your part,
We hope you’ll give with a willing heart.

Please help the UMW by making a donation for the baked good you normally would have received. (Remember there are no baked goods involved which helps with the calories). Funds donated will be sent to the Sunset Auxiliary at Wesbury.

Please send your check payable to:
United Methodist Women
Memo: Bakesale
First UMC
1102 Liberty Street, Franklin, PA 16323
Drop your check in the basket on the table in the back of the church.
With much appreciation,
The United Methodist Women

Baby Bottle Boomerang

BABY BOTTLE BOOMERANG 2020 We cannot physically fill the bottles in 2020 due to safe handling of the bottles + coins! However, we continue to need your support to keep the doors of the Life Center open…Because every child deserves LIFE…A Better Choice!

Here’s How You Can Help in Oct & Nov Visit our website: to donate via Paypal. Personal Checks payable to the Life Center, MEMO: BBB Got Questions? Contact Becky@814 432-5536 Life Center: 323 13th Street, Franklin, PA 16323 814 432-2229

Men’s Group Fundraiser Wreath Sale

The Men’s Group is selling wreaths again this year from Sherwood Forest Farms! Last day to order is November 1st. Contact the church office at 432-8161, Rick Wilson or Rick Loeffert for more details. Thank you!

Operation Christmas Child

Please join Franklin UMC as we again participate in the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child mission. Last year was a huge success and we’d like to do it again this year! There will be empty shoe boxes in the back of the church along with envelopes to indicate the gender and age group of the child for which you create the gift box. The suggested donation to include in your envelope/box is $9.00, which funds the collection, processing and shipping for this shoe box mission. If you choose to donate online you will be able to print off a label and follow your box to see where it goes.

Things that CAN BE INCLUDED in the boxes are: school supplies -EX: paper, pencils, pens, erasers, calculator, etc.; playing cards; plush toys; plastic toys; batteries (but if they are loose, both ends must be covered with tape); DRY paint sets (such as water colors); glue sticks; tool kits (HOWEVER saws and pocket knives are NOT permitted); scissors; colorful squirt guns that DO NOT resemble a real gun; camouflage items that DO NOT look like camo a soldier would wear – EX: pink or colored camouflage is safe as are camo pencils, wallets or socks; glow sticks; wet wipes; lip balm or lipstick (NOT lip gloss); play dough; compact mirrors; hair brush; wash cloth; bar soap, toothbrush.

Things that CANNOT BE INCLUDED in the boxes are: candy of any sort, toothpaste, liquids of any sort, matches, anything related to war.
The collection week is November 16th, so please return the filled boxes to the church by Sunday November 8th, 2020.

More information can also be found at Once you are on the website and open the menu, click on What We Do and then click on Operation Christmas Child. Here you will find a page full of information, you may wish to start by clicking on Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions about the program, please see Sara Wiegel.